Computer Futures Delivers New Inclusive Programs Through Breaking The Glass

In its fourth year under Computer Futures’ management, Breaking The Glass is continuing to grow community and client engagement in the US tech industry by expanding to more inclusive, intersectional topics for their community events.

Teaming up with companies like Visa and Big Commerce, they have recently hosted community discussions on “Women of Accessibility” and “Inclusion – What Does It Mean To You?” Both events featured diverse speakers who are considered leaders of diversity in tech, as well as recognized experts in their technical field – such as Stephanie Herrera, who joined SThree as Global Vice President of Salesforce Practice for Computer Futures this year.

BTG Inclusion event panel

At “Inclusion – What Does It Mean To You?”, co-hosted by Computer Futures and BigCommerce, Stephanie shared her story as a young woman of color growing up in rural West Texas, the adversity she faced in school, the challenges she experienced in finding suitable work, and her journey to financial independence with a career in the tech industry. She cites her involvement with inclusive communities as crucial step in her personal and professional development because she was able to gain access to affordable Salesforce skills training with like-minded, accepting individuals.

“Because of these inclusive communities – WIT, Salesforce Saturday, Merivis Foundation, PepUp Tech – I finally found where I effortlessly fit in, my tribe, and where I truly belonged… and now thanks to Danny Cohen and Computer Futures, I’m able to help others do the same on a massive scale.”

At the “Women of Accessibility”, event co-hosted by Computer Futures and Visa, panelists discussed accessibility technology, the increasingly important role accessibility compliance plays in workforce, business, and industry-wide development, and why many women-identifying professionals are uniquely linked in the history of accessibility in tech.

BTG Accessibility event

Breaking The Glass Program Manager, Mary Chauvin, explains that as internal diversity and inclusion initiatives become more common within Computer Futures’ clientele, hosting Breaking The Glass community programs provide a valuable opportunity for these brands to gain exposure for their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Therefore, it is imperative for Breaking The Glass programs to be topical, unique, and engaging to the widest possible audience.

“It’s not enough to talk about Diversity and Inclusion for the sake of it; the candidate market, clients, and industry we serve demand authentic dialogue on a wide variety of intersecting interests. I’m proud that our events always feature speakers who represent a variety of races, genders, backgrounds, and abilities. We focus on topics through the lens of women in tech, but our community events are welcome any and all people, resulting in diverse, engaged audiences,” says Chauvin.

If your company is interested in partnering with Breaking The Glass to host a community event or learn more about our programs, visit the Partners page or contact us directly through the Get Involved page.