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"This has been hugely valuable in helping us find our voices and support one another."

- partner program survey response, July 2018


It's never too early or too late to foster a community of inclusion. Breaking The Glass programs are designed to give diverse perspectives a seat at the table and celebrate the stories of professional women. 

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Host a Public Breaking The Glass Event

If your company has a tech division and you are hiring, you are welcome to host one of our public community events. Hosting a public Breaking The Glass event means welcoming anywhere between 50 – 200 members and local tech professionals to your facilities for the featured program, and it is a great option for companies looking for more exposure to the thriving community of women in tech and their allies. 

Hosts are included in topic selection, speaker selection, and as much of the event planning as they wish.
There is no sponsor fee to host a public BTG community event. As title sponsor, Computer Futures generously invests in the ongoing development of Breaking The Glass to maintain quality programming for our 1300+ members. Host sponsors are welcome to provide catering and beverage service at our events for additional promotional consideration.

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Our Services:

  • Content and Curriculum Development

  • Expert Speaker/Facilitator Sourcing

  • Panelist Profiling and Selection

  • Digital Event Promotion

  • Community Management

  • On-site Operations Management

  • Post-event Surveys and Analysis

Partners & Friends:


"I loved seeing the women leaders in my company sharing their experiences."

- Program survey response, October 2017

Private and Customized Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Breaking The Glass private programs give your team the opportunity to engage in candid dialogue and develop their personal skillset or communication techniques in a safe environment. These programs can be facilitated in a variety of formats, depending on your organization's gals, requested speaker credentials and budget. Any of our curriculum can be modified for your team's needs, or in some cases we can develop new material specific to your requests.

Companies who host our public Breaking The Glass community events are granted up to one (1) complimentary private program a year. Additionally, Computer Futures clients with current contractor placements are given complimentary, expanded access to series-based Breaking The Glass programs upon request. 

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